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Sales | Purchases | Customer Management Made Easy

Multilocation Inventory management

Role based access

Integrated with POS Devices and e-Comm platforms

Filing made easy


Stock2Track - Technology at Your Fingertips

Easy way to track Customers, Sales, Inventory, Purchases, Suppliers and GST filing using Stock2Track 



Great way to stay in touch with your customers and remind them of new products.​ Define your message templates and reach out to your customers periodically through text messages (SMS) or through emails. Understand the purchasing trends of your customer and provide your product information at right time. Bonding made easy.


Update your purchases, generate Inventory labels and sell your items with few clicks. The reward for these simple steps will be an amazing control on your business. A good dashboard interface to see the live stock and their status available, sold, lost and damaged. Easily prepare your reorder inventory and stay top on your expenditure.​ Get a sense of satisfaction for the control you have on your Inventory.

Get reminded on your receivables and payments to be made.​ A great way to track your money which drives your entire business. Part payments, installments, credits and cash management through a simple and easy interface.​ Understanding your current financial status and planning is so easy now.

Save money on your accounting consultants. File your GST through the GSTR1 excel generator with few clicks. 


Stock2Track is an Inventory Management Software and can be used as Billing Software or POS Software for various industries like

1) Billing software for Garments
2) Billing Software for Shops and Supermarkets

3) Billing Software for Furniture Shops

4) Billing Software for Electronics

5) Billing Software for Footwear

6) Billing Software for Book stores and many more. 

Our solution includes the following Hardware

1) POS Bill Printers

2) Barcode Scanners

3) POS Touch Screen

4) Barcode Printers

5) POS Cash Drawers

6) Payment Swipe Machines

7) Pole Display

8) Magnetic and RFID readers

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Providing a Number 1 Service

Customized service to suit your business workflow needs

Fast Performance

The apps are rich clients and interacts with centralized data stores. These rich clients store the localized data and provide live interactions with good response time.

Role based

The apps provides role based data access to suit your organization structure. Required level of security and data protection based on the users and their interactions.


The apps provide you live analytic reports and alerts to stay on top of your business. Customize your required reports with the goals of your organization. 

Stok2Track Mobile Screen

Desktop or a mobile

Seamless User eXperience

Rich user experience on a desktop or a mobile app enhances your productivity and a sense of quick accomplishment.

Desktop application
Tax Invoice Image
Stok2Track Mobile Screen
Accessible from All Locations

Inventory update at the warehouse, selling at the store and reorder or new purchases while travelling. A centralized repository binds the business workflow well.


We've Come a Long Way

A simple app to a cloud based robust solution

We are a team of highly passionate techno functional experts who have been continuously improving upon this application to cater to any business in retail space. Our Agile development methodology to understand customers requirements, tailor the core product and deploy the solution helps our customers to conveniently adopt to a new sophisticated system without any pain.


What People are Saying

Valuable Voices

“Our business workflow was unique and the customization was done quickly with great depth of understanding.”

Sreekanth Prabhu

“Timely free upgrades to the software really motivated our staff to be more productive and effecient.”


“I had no means to verify my stock and finance.With Stock2Track i got a good sense of control.”



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